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The Only Watch That Features You!

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Amazing Avatar IP

More Avatar Styles > Increases Market Size and Potential Customers > Creates increased Stickability > Higher barrier to competitors

Innovative & Impactful Consumer Products

Enables customers to celebrate their identity on their favourite products > Re-enforces customers connection with their avatar (as they see this representation every time they use the product) > More brand awareness (as every product is like a mini β€˜billboard’) > Drives positive working cap revenues

Awesome Apps

Increases the usability of personalised avatars > Increases users propensity to buy consumer products > Provides digital revenue stream opportunities > Increases brand awareness bringing more people into Popmoji




A Global Multi Market Opportunity

Consumer Product Market

$121bn Market

The addressable market for character and entertainment consumer products was valued at $121.5 billion in 2018 (Source - Licensing International). Popmoji will disrupt this market through avatar personalisation across a wide range of consumer products available online in the UK and USA.

Smart-Tech Consumer Product

$398bn Market

The addressable market for consumer technology products was valued at $398 billion in 2019 (Source – Consumer Technology Association). Popmoji will disrupt this market through developing consumer tech products with the Popmoji avatar tech at the heart of the smart product experience.

Mobile Apps

$71bn Market

Sensor Tower reports in-app purchases revenues exceeded $71.3 billion in 2018, with the average App user in the US spending $79 in-app purchases in 2018 – up 36% verses 2017 ($44).

Popmoji has released it’s first mobile app – ClaireaBella Emoji’s which has already received over 12,000 downloads and has over 1,000 monthly active users.

A Highly Valued Industry

Case Study:

Bitmoji Acquired By Snap Inc.

Case Study:

Genies Securing Strong Funding & Valuations

Over 5 Year Vision

β€œPopmoji will be recognised as a global leader in personalised avatars.”

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