More than just a Character.

The Fans And Teams Who Inspire Us...

SoftBall Team | Fast Wizards



We teamed up with the Fast Wizards Softball Team who wanted to make sure they stood out not just with their skills on the field, but also with their style and unity as a team

Working closely with their captain and coaches, we brought their vision to life, infusing their amazing brand within a unique towel proudly loved by the entire team!

If you have a team and want to create something that represents your team spirit, contact for more information.

Team Vacation | Get It Girl Fitness



We had a blast working with the Get It Girl Fitness crew! They asked us to design custom towels for their Jamaica trip, and they turned out awesome!

If you have a team and want to create something that represents your team spirit, contact our team handler at for more information.

VolleyBall Team | Wisconsin Juniors



It was a true pleasure working with the talented Wisconsin Junior Volleyball team. They approached us to create a range of sports towels for the entire squad and coaches, along with reimagining their team in their official uniforms. The results were a big hit with everyone!

If you have a team and want to create something that represents your team spirit, contact our team handler at for more information.

Deloris | The Woman Behind Fighter

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Deloris  |  March 2024

We were deeply touched by the heartfelt email from Deloris, an incredible Breast Cancer survivor who recently reached the amazing milestone of being five years all clear - what a huge achievement!

Deloris's journey not only celebrates her own victory but also honors the strong community of survivors, fighters, and warriors she represents. It's an immense privilege to be part of her celebration.In collaboration with Deloris, we embarked on a journey to create our brand new Fighter Range, dedicated to empowering and celebrating women who are battling or triumphing over cancer and other illnesses.

Deloris was a true champion throughout the development process! Her insights, spirit, and determination helped shape an extraordinary collection that we are incredibly excited to introduce to the world. The Fighter Range serves as a reminder of the strength and bravery within every woman fighting her own battles. Together, we stand as a testament to the power of community and the victory of the human spirit.

Proud Jem | Normalizing Stomas


Jem  |  March 2024

Jem reached out to our team to create a character that truly reflects her authentic self. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a teenager, Jem faced a severe flare in 2007 that led to the permanent need for a 'Stoma Bag,' which she affectionately named Bella.

Jem boldly embraces Bella as a part of her identity and insisted that her character do the same while helping to raise awareness.At the core of our brand ethos is the celebration of individual identity, making collaborating with Jem an extraordinary journey. We're thrilled to have played a part in her empowerment and in raising awareness of bowel disease and stomas.

The Stoma Bag has become a permanent feature on all our Character Builders, embodying our commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Extraordinary Erin | Our First Amputee Character


Erin  |  March 2024

We received a heartwarming email from Laurie, mother to Erinβ€”a remarkable six-year-old born missing her lower left arm.There’s nothing Erin can’t do πŸ’ͺ🏼 from learning to tie laces to swimming - she amazes everyone around her.

At ClaireaBella, we champion uniqueness and individuality, so we couldn’t have been more thrilled to work with Erin. She helped our designers create a character she could truly relate to and one that helps celebrate other little girls.

We're honored to be part of Erin's story and remain dedicated to creating meaningful connections that embrace diversity 🀩

Amazing Anna | Inclusive Skin Tones


Anna  |  March 2024

We recently received a moving email from Jennie, the mother of Anna, an extraordinary young girl living with the rare skin condition Ichthyosis.

Anna, a true superstar, expressed her heartfelt desire for her character to reflect her unique appearance, and it was our privilege to make this happen!Collaborating closely with Anna and Jennie, we developed a new skin tone that truly resonated with them.

The response we received deeply resonated with us: 'When a company goes above and beyond for no other reason than to be inclusive, you have to give them some major props.' Jennie and Anna, we extend our sincere gratitude to you for entrusting us with the opportunity to bring your character to life.

It's been an honor.

Unstoppable Isla | Insulin Pump


Isla  |  March 2024

As a brand committed to inclusivity, we were deeply touched when Isla's mom approached us, requesting to have an insulin pump added to her character.

We are truly excited to have helped bring her vision to reality. This interaction serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of representation and empathy in our dedication to building a world where everyone feels seen and appreciated.